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Bird of Paradise Found
Banana Duo
Caballos en la Playa
Caladium Colors II
Dark Palm
Days End
Fish Dance IV
Gondolas Venezia
French Bateaus
Fan Palm
Jungle Bloom
Koi Dream
Koi Frenzy
Last Catch
Los Cocos I
Los Cocos III
Ojas Azul
Old Friends
River Branches
Sand and Sea - Azul
Suave Bananas
Shrimp Boats at Dawn
Stormy Harbor
Sunset Bamboo
Tranquility Duo
Turquoise Bamboo
Wetlands II
Wild Palm
Company in the Cove - Watercolor
Little Soda - Watercolor
Southport Scene - Watercolor
Las PalmasĀ II
Old Mission
Regatta Colors
Quiet Boats
Jardin Abstracto
Dunes at Dusk
Rio de Colores
Beneath the Waves
Bahia Tranquila
Bula Bula
Playa Suave
Blue Lagoon
Blue Palmetto
Mountain Lake Tranquility
Banana Duo Blues
Regatta Blues
The Falls
Blue Palm Montage
The Shoals
Langosta Vista
Gray Palm
Crazy Frond
Storm at Sea
Jungle Spectrum
Night Beach
Azul Profundo
Flores Colores
Goin' Bananas
Sand and Sea
Blue Barrel
Palma Rosa
Water Leaf
"Fronds" Kline
Magenta Flores
Blue Bamboo
Race Against the Darkness